Overall first position in Kurukshetra University in M.Sc Mathematics.

The student of mathematics department of college kaithal has been ranked first in the results issued by the university of kurukshetra and illuminated the college name. He achieved a total of 492/600 points in the first semester of the m.s. first year. Apart from him swati ēvaṁanupa received 440/600 points and got the seventh place in the university. On reaching college, the principal of the manager committee, Shri Saket Mangal Advocate, principal Dr. Sanjay Goyal, Hod Dr. Satbir Maihalā, Dr. Manoj Kumar and Prof. Shubham Rani welcomed and honoured these students. On this occasion Dr. The amount of 5000 /- Sponsored by the name of his father chaudhary chattar singh by satyabīra mahala was also given to sunaina by Pradhan Shri Saket Mangal.

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